Thursday, November 27, 2008

Candidate Dan Vernier (Student director)

Dan Vernier is a mature student currently attending his second year of Graphic Design at Sault College. He doesn't have much in the way of a professional background with regards to graphic design (yet!), but is looking forward to acting as a liaison between the student body here in the Sault and the professional designers of our community. Dan would also like to thank everyone for their consideration.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Candidate Jessica Wendling (Vice President)

Jessica is a motivator who has experience with encouraging groups to take part and work together for non-for-profit organizations for the past five years. Her list of organizations she’s volunteered for in the past include: RGD Ontario, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Leadership Conference, Red Cross, and much more. Her entrepreneur spirit demonstrates her passion for graphic design and this passion has reached over to create a successful business with her sister Melissa Wendling. Her enthusiasm to educate individuals, businesses, and Northern Ontario communities has increase her attendance in being a keynote speaker at events such as “Trade Skills for Women!”. If you want a vice president who is passionate, motivated, and can speak up for the group’s thoughts/ideas then vote Jessica Wendling for VP. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate Graham Hussey (Industry Director)

Graham Hussey is a graduate of the Sault College Design program where he was president for the 2007 chapter. Graham has close to 5 years of education and working experience in the graphic design industry. Starting at Digital Webworks after graduating Graham moved on and is now working at Lucida as a production artist/graphic designer. Graham has been fortunate in his short career to work with such clients as Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Landmark Windows, Algoma Public Health and many more.

Candidate Melissa Wendling-Scali (Treasurer)

Using and loving both sides of her brain, Melissa enjoys both numbers and creativity in her life. With over five years of education and working experience in the design field, she currently is a successful entrepreneur of Fuzednotions Creative Studio with her sister Jessica Wendling. Starting the business right after graduation at Sault College, she has loved all the learning experiences and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Her accounting background spans back more than eight years, Melissa found numbers interesting as well as the problem solving that came with them. She has been head of sales for yearbook (2000-2003), treasurer of the graphic design chapter in 2006, and currently manages the finances of her growing business (2006-current).
Mel strives for acuracy in everything she does, looks at all angles of problems, and is able to create a budget for successful events.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Candidate Terry Hill R.G.D (President)

Terry has over 27 years education/work experience in Graphic Design.(yes. He started designing professionally at 3 years old!)
A graduate of Sheridan College, Terry has worked in a variety of design and production positions in the graphics industry.
Starting at Equator Communications, then on to Brettons and Boulevard in Toronto, Terry has worked through a series of technological revolutions in the design industry. After ten years of working in Toronto Terry moved to Yellowknife NWT to work on a variety of editorial design and advertising design projects at Inkit Ltd. A short stint in South Africa lounging by the pool was interrupted by design and illustration work for south Africa Express airlines of Johannesburg. After which he returned to Yellowknife to head up the design department at Artisan Press Ltd for four years. Seeing to opportunity to teach at Sault College, Terry changed his career focus to that of a design educator and moved to the Soo in 1998 and has been teaching design at Sault College since then.
Terry is focused on providing the best possible challenges, education and experiences for today’s design student and works toward increased recognition for the accreditation of Graphic Designers in Ontario.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Candidate Jason Sproule (Vice President)

Jason Sproule has more than eight years of education and working experience in the graphic design and the web development field. He has developed his craft and stays on top of the latest technologies and trends in web design and online marketing. Some of the clients that Jason has worked with in his career have included Reebok, Nokia, Bissell and Ford.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Design Algoma Meeting

Nov 27, 2008

location - Sault College G1600

start at - 7pm - 8:30


1. call to order

2. motion to accept agenda

3. design thinkers debrief

panel discussion regarding design thinkers 09

sharing of resources, experiences, observances

4. nominations for exec

5. motion to conduct first election of executive members

president, vice presidents(2), secretary, treasurer, student director, industry director

6. date of next meeting

7. adjourn

8. meet at Pub at Watertower Inn