Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design Algoma Student Mentorship Program

The Student mentorship program through Design Algoma is completely voluntary on both the professional side and the student side.

As a mentor you will need to fill out a mentorship application expressing your interest in the proram and what you as a professional can offer a student.

As a student you need to apply for a mentor outlining your interest in the program and industry aspirations. Send in your application via e-mail and the committee at Design Algoma will match you with a mentor that shares your design interests.

The relationship between student and mentor is entirely up to the two individuals involved. Activities, coaching, meetings, are all arranged on an individual basis between the student and the mentor and can happen as often or as seldom as both individuals arrnge.

Be a mentor
As a mentor to a design student you are a working industry professional.
Your responsibilities will be to create a relationship with the student to guide them through the transition into industry. You can do this through a series of casual meetings, job shadowing, e-mail contact, coaching portfolio development and realting your experience in the design industry.
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I Need a mentor!
You are a graduating student that needs assistance developing your portfolio, you need to gain insights into industry, make connections and transition into the workforce upon graduation.
You can do this by meeting with your mentor and discussing industry experience.
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